Photo Services
Artistic Process and Professional Philosophy: First and foremost I consider myself an artist. I am not a camera operator; I am more than that. For those seeking a simple and cheap photographer to produce poorly processed and non-representative nor memorable photos of an event or a person, it would be best to seek another photographer. I am a professional and I have very high standards for my work–which equates to time and attention investment–which is what my prices and product reflect. Please peruse my portfolios which will attest to this.

Before shooting an event or a portrait, I like to start by discussing the project with the client. My creative process starts by establishing a shared vision for what you want your delivered images to reflect, on a variety of levels — emotional, visual and conceptual. Understanding what the client wants and what I can produce is one of the most important parts of the process, because everything will be a distillation of this conversation.

During the event or shoot, I like to take my time and warm up, watching the environment and getting to know the people. Once the event is underway or the portrait subject becomes comfortable, that’s when we will produce quality work. I work largely in the style of photojournalism; understanding what is going on in the entire event, seeing where things are leading and where the attention of the crowd or person of importance is directed, being a true witness to what is going on. I then use my understanding of the photographic medium to find the beautiful photographs that capture the flow and those moments, instead of trying to create them artificially, which will usually look posed and unnatural.

For more information about my artistic process and other details of my ongoing art projects, read the Versa Photography Blog.

Desired Image Selection: I have my own artistic style and I can spot the images myself, but the customer’s perceptions and needs are always important for me to consider as I begin photographing, as discussed above. This is followed by providing a variety of proof images before final delivery for you to peruse and select the ones that best meet your needs. I then apply my unique processing methods and styling to the final candidates, delivering beautiful, color-corrected and refined images via a method of your choosing.

Turn Around Time: I make a commitment to complete processing and retouching of images within one week and aim for less depending on level of processing and retouching necessary. Amount of images and desired retouching level will be specified in writing and discussed in advance, as will resultant delivery times.

Hosting and Delivery: Delivery of images will be digital unless otherwise discussed at time of hire. Prints, photo books, framed or mounted images can all be negotiated.

Estimate and Additional Expenses: Fees will be discussed in advance, including extra costs like travel expenses and alternate photo delivery methods. If during the shoot any additional, unexpected expenses are needed, such as additional styling or retouching, approval will be required from the customer before going forward.

Basic Prices:

  • Single Headshot, shoot and basic processing and retouching: $100
  • Creative Portrait, all shooting, processing and retouching included: $175
  • Portrait Session, delivery of multiple images and including basic processing and retouching: $250
  • Full Day Rate for Events (includes weddings), not to exceed 12 hours and including all retouching and processing: $2500
  • Hourly Rate: $75
  • Travel expenses billed at $75/hr beyond first half hour
  • All additional costs such as alternate image delivery and additional processing and retouching will be discussed at time of hire

Please use the contact form below to reach out and we can discuss your project or event!